CPD: The most significant retirement risk of them all

It’s estimated that 670,000 Australians intend to retire between now and 2028[1]. As this cohort approaches retirement, they’re in the ‘retirement risk zone’ where volatile markets can make or break their retirement plans.

In this article, sequencing risk and its impact on other risk factors is put under the microscope.

This CPD-accredited article examines sequencing risk which can be described as the risk that the order and timing of your client’s investment returns are unfavourable, resulting in less money for their retirement.

It’s not new news that Australians are living longer, healthier lives and enjoy a more active lifestyle than their parents and grandparents. For those who retired during a bull market, retirement can be a succession of halcyon days enjoying all that life has to offer. However, for those who experience volatile markets in the lead up to and early days of retirement, it can be quite a different story, one beset by anxiety and fear.

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[1] ABS, Retirement and Retirement Intentions Australia, August 2023