Justine Marquet, Head of Technical Services at Allianz Retire+, recently sat down with the team at IFA.com to delve into the transformative realm of retirement income solutions.


Constructing a retirement portfolio is no easy feat, demanding a delicate balance of capital, income, and flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. What if you could seamlessly de-risk a retirement portfolio, offering your clients a guaranteed lifetime income solution that not only alleviates longevity risk but also preserves access to capital?

In our latest webinar, Justine addresses queries about our innovative retirement income solution, Allianz Guaranteed Income for Life (AGILE) – What is AGILE, who is it for, and when does it make sense.

You will gain insights into:
• The distinctive features of AGILE and how it redefines retirement income solutions.
• Understanding the target audience for AGILE and scenarios where it becomes a pivotal choice
• Navigating the complexities of retirement portfolios with simplicity and certainty
• Preparing for retirement with a new philosophy that ensures financial security and peace of mind


Originally published by IFA, February 20, 2024